10 ways to have a cheap kid’s birthday party

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Having a kid’s birthday party can be expensive at times, but can you make it cheaper? Yes it is possible to make it much cheaper and here are some ways.

The first way is to make and decorate your own cake. If that is not possible, then buy it at the grocery store. The bakery will be very expensive, when you could have done something else with that money.

The second way is to purchase all your decoration at the dollar store, it is way cheaper than party city.

The third way is to invite fewer people, the more people you invite, the more food and cake that you will need.

The fourth way is to have the party at your house or the park, which will be free to have instead of paying for a venue.

The fifth way is make your own cupcakes and cookies instead of buying it.

The sixth way is to entertain the kids yourself instead of paying for entertainment.

The seventh way is to make your own food and barbecue at home instead of catering.

The eighth way is to decorate your home yourself.

The ninth way is to buy food on sale at the grocery store for the birthday party.

Finally, look for cheap party favors from the dollar store to give out to children.

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