10 ways to keep kids calm on an airplane

little boy watching tv in flight

Traveling with kids can be hard sometimes, and trying to keep them calm too. Here are some ways to keep kids calm on an airplane.

The first way is to pack all their favorite snacks to bring along.

The second way is to pack all their favorite toys to bring along in their carry on luggage.

The third way is to bring along play doh and let them be creative making things.

The fourth way is to bring crayon and coloring book, this will occupy their time for a while.

The fifth way is to bring a DVD player and their favorite movie for them to watch.

The sixth way is to bring their favorite book to read to them.

The seventh thing is to bring their pillow and blanket to keep them comfortable and to use if they are sleepy.

The eighth thing is to read them books about airplane ahead of time. This will help them to know what to expect on the airplane.

The ninth way is to bring plenty of stickers, for them to play with.

Lastly, is to wrap a gift for them and let them unwrap it on the airplane.

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