Banding Natural Hair



Banding natural hair is one way to stretch, the hair without using heat. It is nice to do if you desire a smoother hair when doing a hairstyle. It can help you to keep your hair stretched to avoid using heat. I like to band my child’s hair before braiding it. I find that the results look better and their hair remains stretched. I think it is good to do before styling natural hair.

Banding can also help the oils to go throughout your hair better. This is because it is stretched so, the oils can travel down the hair strands better. I like to  band my hair it is great to do. It doesn’t cause any damage to the hair either. and It is very easy to do.  I would recommend banding natural hair to everyone. I enjoy banding my hair as well as my child’s  hair. I hope you will try it sometimes too.

To band your hair:

First, section your hair into ponytails, any amount you desire.

Next, just keep adding ponytail holder all the way to the bottom of the ponytail.

Keep doing this to all sections to finish banding your natural hair.

Remove them the next day and style as desire.




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