Beautiful in God’s Eye Discussion

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I will be reading and discussing the book Beautiful in God’s eyes by Elizabeth George. Join me on this journey of becoming a virtuous woman.

The book beautiful in God’s Eye is great for christian girls to read. It is about Proverbs 31:10-31. The first chapter talks about her character. “Who can find a virtuous woman? Proverbs 31:10. The author talks about how it was written for ¬†women by a woman. And that being a virtuous woman is a rare treasure, but it is something that we can become with God’s help.

A virtuous woman is Pure, Honest, Industrious, Thrifty, Strong in Character, Kind, Wise and Holy.

She manages her life, time, money, mouth, home , relationship and her self well. She has ¬†physical strength, ability to do her work of her life and love. In order to become a virtuous women we must spend time in God’s word and talking to God. We must have good role models around us such as other women. We must, have time to spend to memorize scriptures and asking God to help us to become all that he wants us to be.





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