Braiding Natural Hair.

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Did you know that braiding your natural hair can lead to longer hair? This is because, the braids help to keep the moisture in your hair longer. It helps your hair to stay health and strong too.Many women that braid their hair and keep it in for a month or more, can see a lot of growth retained. This is because the hair is protected, while it is in the braids. I love to keep my girl’s hair in braids, because i know it will be protected while she is playing and running around.



When getting braids installed, please make sure it is not too tightly done. I know I always lose my edges, when getting my braids done if it is too tight. I don’t know why they always braid hair, so tightly at the hair salon. Even when you try to tell them sometimes that it is too tight. They will try to tell you,”┬áno you are just too tender headed.” Well excuse me, I am the customer, shouldn’t I be always right? Well that’s another story. for another time. If you say that and they still keep doing it tightly, I would just excuse myself and leave immediately. I would find someone else that appreciates, their customers and actually listens to their customers.



Braiding hair can be fun to do because there are many different styles and ways to do it. You can be creative with doing children’s hair and create your own styles. Your child will be very happy, to see the beautiful styles that was done. Braiding hair is easy to do and anyone can learn to do it too. I love to braid my hair and my daughters too. I hope you will have fun braiding your own or your daughters too. You will be so happy when you see, how much it has grown, after braiding it.

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