Caring for your girl’s hair in the summer.

new girl with ball

Summer is a great time to do protective styles to girl’s hair. In the summer, they are more active playing and going to summer camps. I think that just doing protective styles, it will help their hair to grow longer. They will get a break from styling their hair every week as well. Doing braids or twist are really good summer protective styles. This way you don’t have to think about doing their hair for a while. They are busy and active, and so doing styles that last 2-4 weeks will be really great. But be sure to wash and style their hair after swimming and going to the pool. I think summer is a great time to take a break from styling your girl’s hair too much. This way it can grow longer and faster in the summer time. I hope you will find this helpful. What are some styles that you love to give your girls in the summer time?

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