Cheap things to do with kids for Christmas

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Christmas is a great time to spend quality time with children. They are much to do with them, while they are on Christmas break from school. Here are some Cheap things to do, that children are sure to enjoy doing.

1. Make some cookies and cupcakes.

2. Play in the snow and make a snowman.

3. See a kid friendly movie.

4. Do art and crafts.

5. Put up the Christmas Tree and Decorations

6. Read a book together.

7. Go Ice skating.

8. Go see Disney on Ice.

9. Go look at Christmas Lights.

10.Choose and wrap a gift for a friend.

11.Make breakfast together.

12.Go shopping together.

13.Volunteer together.

14.Go see a play together.

15.Make a scrapbook.

16.Take Christmas pictures.

17.Send cards to family and friends.

18.Help someone.

19.Make dinner together.

20.Enjoy your time together.

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