Children going to Christian school.

kids in school


In today’s society it is so much influence out there for children. Even at school, the children follow other kids and often get in trouble as a result. I think it is important for children to have good influences at school and people around them to encourage them. They should be encouraged about who they are as christians. Also, to help guide then to become the person they were created to be.

In public school the influences there are really bad and often kids who never get in trouble suddenly starts to get in trouble. This is because they follow they wrong crowd and it is very rare to find good influences there. Most of the time, the cops are called to school when the kids end up fighting and cursing at each other. It can br really bad even class get interrupted so they children do not get a good solid education.

This can be frustrating for parents and kids because if the child don’t get a good education, then they won’t get into a good college. It is better for them to have a great education and get into a good college, than to get distracted at a public school. I think it is worth paying extra to know that my child is getting a good education and have good influences around.

I want all my children to have a christian education and to be well-educated. I want then to be the best that they can be. To know and love the God and to be successful. I mean, which parents don’t have these desires for their children. I will feel good knowing that my child is well-educated and that I gave them the best of all I had and I hope you will too.

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