Christian girls dating tips.

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Christian girls are waiting for the right man to come along. But how do you know if you should continue dating someone or if it’s a deal breaker. Here are my ten dating tips for my christian girls.
One is does this man have any respect for you?
Two is does he open the doors and car door for you?
Third is how did he ask you to do out with him, was it in a respectful way ?
Fourth is what kind of things does hr talk about on the date, will it help you be closer to the Lord?
Fifth, is this person honest with you or is he saying things to try to make you feel good to get with you?
Sixth is does think person think waiting for the marriage is stupid?
Seventh is he only inviting you to his house on a date instead of bring you out to a nice dinner or movie?
Eight is he only talking about wanting to be private with you and says to keep a hush about the relationship?
Nine is does he acknowledge you in public, hold your hands, tell people that you guys are together?
Ten is he bragging about you to other people about how he is going to get with you?
If any of your answer on are the negative side, he is not for you. I hope you will find this helpful, more tips to come. Remember that Jesus loves you.

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