Dip-Dye hairstyle

There is a new trend in hair, natural hair, straight hair, curly hair. It is the Dip-dye hair trend and you can dye the ends of your hair or all your hair if you choose with a very colorful hair dye. Some people use Kool-Aid to do it as well. This is how it is done.
First step is to dye your hair blonde or strip your hair color. if your hair is already blonde you don’t need to do anything.
Second step is to apply the color of your choice, you can do blue, pink, purple, red, green and other colors.
Third is to follow the directions on how long to leave it on for, then you shampoo and condition your hair.
Finally, you will have your new beautiful dip-dyed hairstyle.
Will you be giving this dip-dye hairstyle a try?

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