Girls dressing modestly.

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Girls dressing modest is one of the best thing that they can do. When you don’t dress modest, it can send the wrong message to men. They will think you are dressing that way to attract them or because you are easy to get. They will want to know you just to get something from you. I think it is vital that girls dress modestly to attract the right kind of guys and not the wrong ones.


Growing up my parents made sure that I was dress modestly. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t dress, the way my friends were dressing. I just wanted to fit in too, so that made me sad. But now that I have grown up and have my own girls, I finally understand and I would do the same for them. Sometimes parents will tell us to do something and even though we may not understand it. When we grow up it will make better sense, and you will finally see why.

I read about this man, got tired of seeing his daughter ,wearing booty shorts. He would ask her nicely, to please change into something different for school. But day after day, she refused to be obedient to her father. Finally, her father got tired of it so ,he decided to do something about it. He decided to cut off the legs from his pants to make a booty shorts. He went tp pick her up from school wearing it. When she saw it, she was so embarrassed to see her dad like that. Her dad explained that, they way she sees him is what she looks like. He explained to her that it was sending the wrong message to men and she finally understood that. His daughter finally stopped wearing those booty shorts.

The bible tells us that we should dress modestly too. It is good to do even if you don’t fit in.    We should always do what the word of God says and not man. We should want to do God’s will in our lives, each and every day. When my girls are older, i will be telling them the same thing too. I think it is beneficial for young girls to dress modestly and do the right things as well.

Dressing modestly does not mean you are boring in any way. It means that you are a respectful young girl and you demand respect from men.  It means that you are unique and that you are becoming all you were created to be. if your friends  want you to dress like them, then politely tell them that you have your reasons for dressing modestly. Share with them if, they ask and maybe they will be a good example of dressing modest too.

Little girls are the future and It’s good to educate them early on these things. If you don’t then other people, will be teaching your girls the wrong things. Mothers have a great responsibility to grow up their girls to become respectful young women. I hope all little girls will want to dress modest and grow up to be respected by men. I hope they can be all that they were made to be, and follow good examples of their parents.

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