Heat and natural hair.

I am very careful when I use heat on my hair. In fact, I try to limit heat to once or twice a year. This is because heat damages the hair if not done properly. I don’t want to risk all the hard work that I put into trying to retain my length. I will try to avoid doing too much with heat. If my hair gets heat damage, I will have to end up cutting it and I will have a lot of set backs. To avoid this, I just try to avoid all the heat, besides I love my curls so I am not in a hurry to have straight hair.

I figured I used to have straight hair for so much years when it was permed. I really do not miss that straw looking, straight limp hair. I love my curls and I like doing different styles with it. I am just enjoying this journey to waist length hair and I am not in a rush to straighten it at all. Remember to protect your hair with your heat protectant, if you decide to straighten it. As for me, I enjoy rocking my curls.

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