Heat styling appliances


Here are some heat appliances for your special occasion times when or if you use any heat.
Hair Dryer– Drying hair on the cool setting is better for your natural hair to help prevent heat damage. You can attach a diffuser for drying your hair without disturbing your curls.

Hot Brushes– It is used to create curls, and used on dry hair. It can help you to create a blow out style.

Curling wand– This is used to help curl your natural hair so you can have some awesome curls.

Heat rollers– This is used to create curls after ten minutes, you should make sure they are completely dry before removing them.

Crimpers– These will give your hair waves, but use your heat protectant because it has high heat.

Flat irons– Before using this apply your heat protectant and choose your low temperature if it is too high, it will cause heat damage.


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