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Ten things to love about your natural hair

  The first thing to love about your natural hair is the beautiful curls. Secondly, you should love that you can wear it curly or straight. Third is the baby softness of it, when freshly moisturized. Fourth is you can wear your afro proudly. Fifth is you can do so much styles with it all …

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Summer time and Natural Hair

Summer time is about having fun in the sun, but what about your natural hair in the summer. I like to wear my hair up during the summer especially when it is really hot outside. If I tried to wear it out in a Afro, the humidity would just make it a hot mess. It …

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Washing Natural Hair

Washing natural hair can be a task in itself. It takes up half the day, if not all the day. First you have to detangle a those curls and knots. This takes time to make sure the hair doesn’t get damaged. Then, to section hair and prepoo with coconut oil, or oil of your choice. …

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Protective Styles Work

  Protective styles are styles that protects the ends of your hair from damage throughout the day. It can be braids, twist or putting up your hair in a updo while tucking in the ends. I really love protective styles because it helps me to retain the inches grown each month. I will only wear …

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Naturals have more fun.

Naturals have more fun because there is so much hairstyles you can do. You can wear your hair curly or straight. You can braid your hair, twist it, cornrow it, twist it out, Bantu knot it out. Also, you can put it in a bun, wear a ponytail, locs, do a classy undo, do a …

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Teaching little girls to love their natural hair

Growing up I wasn’t taught to love my natural hair. It was always so painful to wash and comb. I always wonder why it was so painful and I would run and cry not wanting it to be combed. I was told it was just too nappy so I couldn’t wait to get it permed …

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