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Christian role models for children

  We need more christian role models for our children. The world try to set their examples for them to follow. But they are not good examples, about how they should dress, talk and look. When it comes to dressing, they tell them to wear the tightest, shortest clothing. When it comes to talking, all …

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Back to school shopping fun.

    It’s that time again, for the children to go back to school. This can be so exciting for children, because they will meet new friends and go to a higher grade. Also, the children can be very excited to go shopping for books, clothes and other school supplies. They will be very happy …

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Breastfeeding is best for baby.

  Breastfeeding is best for baby and helps to protect them. This week is breastfeeding celebration week and I attended an event aim toward breastfeeding awareness. But I was the only person there, I wondered why that was. But I guess not a lot of people celebrate it. Breastfeeding can be hard and time-consuming at …

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Why children don’t need many toys.

  Children love to play and learn each and everyday. But spending a lot of money on a lot of toys is useless. They don’t play with half of them and forget about them easily. They would rather go to the park and play on the swing or slides. They love to play with rocks …

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How to have a cheap date night at home.

  Going out on a date can be so special and romantic. But having children, it can be hard to do. You have to find a babysitter and pay them, as well as getting dressed up. Why worry about paying a babysitter at all? You can save money by, having a cheap date night at …

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How to prevent tantrums in toddlers

  Toddlers always want to have their own way. They want things, on their time everyday. And if they don’t get their own way then, it’s on the floor crying they go. But how does a mom prevent this embarrassing episode acted out in public? For me, I will try to talk and calm the …

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Baby Shower

  I love baby showers, they are so much fun. I can never guess the right name of the baby food samples, but it is fun trying to. I recently had someone throw me a baby shower, and I really enjoyed it. It was filled with games, food and fun, as well as gifts. I …

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Summer Fun for Children

  Summer time is a break from school for children, and they want to have fun. There are so much options to have cheap, free fun with them. For my two-year old daughter, she loves to play. This is why I take her to the park, she can swing, slide and run around for free. …

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Funny Loving things

My daughter loves her Minnie Mouse toy and does everything with it. She and Minnie Mouse are best friends. One day she couldn’t find Minnie Mouse so she starts saying”Minnie Mouse, Minnie Mouse where are you?. Where are you Minnie Mouse?” I thought it was the funniest thing coming from a two-year old.

Loving your imperfection

Being a mom isn’t easy, and it is easy to beat yourself up about something you forgot to do. Even something you said to a child that you shouldn’t have. But the truth is none of us is perfect and we are all doing the best we can to raise wonderful children. Sometimes it is …

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Unique Mom Hopes

As a young mom I hope to be a wonderful mom and do what is the best for my children. I may not know all there is to know but really who does anyways. Even though I am young, I will do the best I can and love the best I can. Young moms can …

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Showing love to your Children

    Children should be loved, they need to know that they are cared for and appreciated. Children are gifts from God,they are his reward. And I love mines with all my heart. Even though sometimes they might not be on their best behavior. They still should be loved while teaching them what is right. …

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How to keep your hair after pregnancy.

  Being pregnant is a beautiful experience to have. You get to give birth to a beautiful child afterward. And you hair grows so quickly during pregnancy,  you will be very happy for that. But afterward you will experience some shedding and baldspot where your edges use to be. And in other places depending on …

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