Low maipulation is the key to long hair.

child with braids

Low manipulation can help you to achieve your long hair length goal. When you do low manipulation styles, you leave the styles in for weeks at a time. Some examples of low manipulation hairstyles are braids and twist. This helps your hair to grow longer, because you are not constantly styling and manipulating it. I know this is hard to do sometimes, because you constantly wants to style your hair. But it works and help to achieve longer natural hair.

It is good to do with children’s hair because, they are not too worried about it being styled too much. In fact, most toddlers don’t like doing their hair often. It is perfect for them to do low manipulation hair styles. I will be starting to do this for my daughter to help her retain more length. I notice that when I do her hair every week, she loses a lot of hair and it breaks more. So by keeping in her braids and hairstyles longer and doing it less it will help her to retain length.

I hope you will enjoy trying some low manipulation hair styles and comment if  it helped your hair grow longer.


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