Natural hair solutions.

Here are six here solutions to help take care of your natural hair.

First solution is If you have trouble with split ends in your hair, no product can mend split ends even if they claim to do so, the only way to get rid of split ends is to cut it.

Secondly you don’t have to cut your hair often, just dust the ends of your hair every time you see split ends.

Third is if you use too much hair styling products such as hair gel, you will need a sulfate shampoo to clarify all the product build up.

Fourth a cream leave in conditioner can be used to help style your hair, it will create your style and moisturize your hair to keep it looking good.

Five is If you leave conditioner on longer than it is required, it will not help it to work more, just use as directed.

Lastly, using  too much hair gel will make your hair look dull, sometimes less is more.


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