Showing little girls how to take care of their curls

curly little girl hairIt is very important that your girls know how to take care of their curls. By showing them and teaching them, what to do they will remember when they are grown. Don’t think that they are too young to understand because they do. When washing their hair, explain to them why you use a certain shampoo. Explain to them how to condition their hair and why they need to use heat when deep conditioning their hair.

When styling their hair, explain to them why it is good to wear protective styles to retain length. Tell them about the styles you are doing in their hair and why you are doing it. Teach them how to properly style their hair making sure it is not done too tightly.

Show your girls how to choose the right products to moisturize their curls. Teach them how to use the product correctly, and how to moisturize their hair correctly. Tell them how often they should moisturize it and how to know when their hair need moisture. Show them how to tell, if their hair needs a protein treatment or a moisturizing treatment.

Doing these things will educate your girls on taking care of their curls. They will learn to love and appreciate wash days. They will learn to love their hair and taking care of it. They will never forget what you have taught them. And they will thank you, for teaching them when they are older. Best of all, your girls will certainly love their curls.

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