Taking care of baby’s natural hair.

Lovely little child showing something


Taking care of baby’s natural hair is good to do. This will help them to always have health hair. The baby hair doesn’t need much done to it. Using a gentle baby conditioner should be enough. If you need to shampoo the hair, a gentle baby sulfate free shampoo should be all that’s used. I always finish my baby’s hair by using a natural oil, such as coconut oil, or olive oil. The baby’s hair definitely doesn’t need any rubber bands in it. if you are trying to style it, the rubber band pulls the hair out of baby delicate hair. Someone tried to style my baby’s hair with rubber bands before, it was so tight and looked so uncomfortable. When I saw it, I immediately took all the rubber bands out, and of course some of her hair came out. This really upset me as a parent and I made sure that person didn’t try to do it again. A cute headband is all that the baby really needs in their hair.


They definitely don’t need those beads, that pulls their hair out with the rubber bands at the end. I had to learn that the hard way too. For a special occasion out, I was so excited to put some beads in my baby’s hair. Sure it looked so cute at the time, but after a few days, I decided to remove it. Sure enough, a bunch of her hair came out where the beads were. I was so mad at myself, I had no idea those cute little beads could do that. I have not put any beads in her hair since that. We want our little girl’s hair to look cute all the time but some things we just can’t do to it.

If braiding baby’s hair, please make sure it is not done too tightly. After all, you don’t need the already delicate edges coming out. The baby’s hair doesn’t need to be braided tightly at all. Just have fun doing your baby’s hair, just remember not to do it to tightly. You baby’s hair will grow and have a healthy start. What are some of your favorite ways to style your baby’s hair.

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