The best cleanser for kids with eczema.

Dealing with eczema on your child can be very frustrating. Especially when you are not sure, what to use on it. .As well as trying to find ou,t what products will be gentle enough to help the child’s skin. I have found that the best product to use is Cetaphil Cleanser and Lotion. When I use this product it really helps my child skin, it feels softer and way more moisturized. It is very gentle to use and can even be left on the skin too. I find both the Cleanser and Lotion to be beneficial when both are used together. It can even be used on newborn baby skin and is more gentle for their sensitive skin. This is my favorite cleanser and lotion for my children sensitive skin and it works very well for us. It works well on children dealing with eczema as well. I hope his will be good on your child’s sensitive skin too.

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