The hottest hairstyles of 2017


There were so many different hairstyles of 2017. Here I will list the top ten hairstyles of 2017. From the least hottest to the hottest one.

At number ten,  it is  the  braid-out hairstyle.

At number nine, it is  the twist-out hairstyle.

At number eight , it is the braid headband with twist-out hairstyle

At number seven, it is box braids.

At number six, it is the two cornrows hairstyle.

At number five , it is  the Senegalese twist hairstyle.

At number four it is the African braids hairstyle.

At number three, it is the lemonade braids.

At number two, it is the  dip-dye colored hairstyles.

At number one, is the goddess locs.



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