The perfect time to pierce girls ears.

Portrait of beautiful happy little girlAll little girls want to wear earrings like their mother. They think it is pretty and it looks really nice too. It help to show that they are a big girl now, and it can be very special. But when is the best time to get it done? Is it when they are a baby or toddler? Is it when they are a preteen,or teenager? I think it depends on the parent and what you would like to do. If you do it while they are still a baby or toddler, then all the responsiblity falls on you to take care of it. Toddlers often don’t stay very still for too long and won’t allow you to clean it. They will appreciate not remembering the pain to do it, when they get older though.

When they are preteen or teenager, they can understand how to clean it and do it for themselves. I think they would appreciate it more around this time. They would love to take care of it for themselves too. They can be able to choose for themselves what earrings they would like too. I think this can be a very good time for them as it shows that they are growing up.

However, I think it depends on you what age to pierce their ears, and it is no wrong or right answer. Just please make sure it doesn’t get infected and if it does please go see a doctor right away. Make sure to always clean ear-piercing well, to protect it from infections. Girls will always love and appreciate having their ears pierced and looking like their mom. They will always love their earring and feel very special.

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