The real meaning of Christmas.

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When I think of Christmas, Jesus Christ, the lights, gifts, snow, friends and family comes to mind. It is a time for giving and being selfless with each other. It can be a wonderful time to get together with friends and family. Just being together and enjoying each others company. Stores are opened so you can buy your presents as well. They present Santa Clause as the ones who provide the presents to the children. But is this the real reason why we celebrate the Christmas season? What is the real reason for the season?

Christmas is a time to remember the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, and his love for us. It is a time to celebrate him and giving to others. It is a time to be a happy and a time to show love. Putting up decorations and lights, can be a good time to teach your children about the Lord. It can help to teach them how to be selfless, by giving present to their friends too. While you are warm and cozy drinking your hot chocolate or latte, please reflect on the love of God and all he has done for you.

Surround yourself with family and friends, and give a lending helping hand to those in need. Remember to be kind and show the love of God in all that you do. I hope this Christmas will bring you joy as you remember the real reason for the season. That your children will be happy to know what is really all about. As well as receiving the gifts that they wanted too. It’s my favorite time of year, where there is love and there is cheer. I hope you will have a joyous one and be happy it is here.

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