The truth about Christmas and Santa Clause

The christmas season is here, and everywhere you see advertisment about Santa Clause. He is delivering the presents on Christmas Eve while the children are asleep. The Children leaves cookies and milk for him to drink when he comes. He slides down the chimney and quietly places the gifts under the tree. This is the idea most kids have about christmas and Santa Clause. Most of them have no idea that Santa Clause isn’t real. That is until the grow up and realize their parents lied to them.

I think it is very important to be honest with Children. They will be disappointed if they find out they were lied to. Most of them already realize that the idea of fitting a 300 pound man down a Chimney is unrealistic. They already have some idea that this isn’t real. especially if their home has no chimney. This is why it is best just to tell them the truth to begin with.

I will tell my Child what Christmas is really about. That it is not about Santa Clause, and that he isn’t real.” Mommy and Daddy got some presents for you, to show my love for you.” This is what I would say to my children on Christmas Day. It is better to tell them the truth. This will save them the pain of their classmate, telling them on the playground. Then they would come home crying, about how Santa Clause isn’t real. Then what would you tell them, to explain the reason you lied. Would you tell your Child Santa Clause isn’t real?

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